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What We Are

Swizzle Luau Lounge as a concept in the works by Marty Reyes and Jen Ann Tonic to bring a little bit of island life and tiki culture to Dallas and give the stressed out business people of the city a unique place to unwind, with great food, cocktails, shows and events! Our neighbors in Oak Cliff expect to be given an experience when dining out and we want to give them a unique one. The tiki bar is the perfect oasis to escape from the everyday work life and step into a retreat, a hideaway, where you can be on an island vacation without the cost of airfare. Sip a Mai Tai and join us in a place where mermaids exist and volcanos have booze at the bottom of them!

About Us

Aloha y'all! Our concept is one of heart. Our goal to the showcase the talent of our friends, family and community. Our drinks, food, website (and even our mugs, which are coming soon!) are all produced by local Dallas and Texas wide friends who we consider skilled in each of these departments. We have been blessed to be surrounded with so many passionate people who support our dream and have ones of their own, which we also hope to support and share. We look forward to meeting other tikiphiles and cocktail connoisseurs locally and nationally who will come to our place and enjoy good conversation, a relaxing atmosphere, delicious tiki concoctions and Polynesian food. Mahalo to everyone who has support us this far!



We wanna hear from you! Send us feedback or find out about our upcoming events!

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